About Me

Agustín Martínez

I have spent the over 25 years wandering around Spain, taking photos for the edition and promotion of books about the historic legacy and tourism of my country. At the moment I have accumulated a Photographic File of over 50.000 photos. Hand on hand with Ediciones Alymar I have published over 25 large format photography books about the most important cities in Spain and the astonishing World Heritage they embrace.

Some of these books include ‘Routes of Sefarad: Network of Jewish Quarters in Spain’, awarded with the Samuel Toledano Award by the Government of Israel and Al-Andalus; both present in all the Spanish Embassies and Consulates all over the world.

Due to the success of the Network of Jewish Quarters I organized a photographic exhibition, sponsored by the Embassy of Spain and Israel, in Kiev (Ukraine) with remarkable success.

In my professional beginnings I collaborated with travel magazines and with UNESCO making reports in different countries. Nowadays I keep publishing books and making photography for different hotel and restaurant chains in Spain.